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To be fluent or proficient in a language, you must conquer the ego that tells you that you can or should know everything there is to know about any language in zero time with zero effort.

But the most freeing thing about learning a language is understanding that all your mistakes and things that you don’t know all at once are incredibly natural, expected, and in no way make you an idiot or a failure.



Save the viking goats!!!

Johanna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Icelandic goat farm (Háafell) is facing foreclosure in September, resulting in the entire goat flock being butchered - unless enough funds are raised to save it!

There are less than 820 Icelandic goats in the entire world - they are an endangered species. Almost half of them will be lost if this farm is not saved. I visited Háafell 2 years ago and every goat I draw is rooted in this place. Any little bit helps :)

Some pretty cool perks (that tote bag, adorable!) but more than that there is a good cause behind all this. How many videos of screaming goats have I lost my shit over? The Icelandic Goat is a very cool breed. Time to give a little back I think.


Tir Gan Teanga — Tura

And on the subject of Gaeilge rap, everyone listen to this because it is magnificent.

Very cool


You know when you need to practice speaking a language but you don’t want to speak it in front of native speakers because you’re worried they will judge you for your poor grammar skills and limited vocabulary

I’d really like to get past this, but seriously this. 


Tá brón orm. Tá eagla orm. Cabhraigh liom…

Is cluiche iontach é Hóng, a imríonn Evan ar a ríomhaire an t-am ar fad. Ach tá imreoir eile, Yin, ag impí air cabhrú léi. Cé hí Yin agus cén fáth go bhfuil eagla uirthi - ní istigh sa chluiche, ach sa saol mór? Conas a chuirfidh Evan, a chara Rio agus a dheirfiúr Síofra stop le gnó salach in Éirinn agus i gcéin?